Nurturing Through Nature

Balancing the body. Connecting the mind.


Who we are...

Nurturing Through Nature is a online community and traveling event/workshop that partners with local parks and health oriented businesses to create awareness to how our bodies and minds are directly connected to nature. This beautiful earth supports us and nurtures us everyday, without it we would not survive. It produces the air we breath and the food that keeps us alive. But nature is so much more then that. The medicine that nature offers is uniquely powerful, it can show us more about ourselves then we could imagine, all that it requires is that we are willing to receive the lessons.

These are exciting times we live in. Technology is booming, buildings are bigger, products are more accessible then ever. But with this accessibility and higher functioning life let us not forget to take time out for peace, for service, and to appreciate the world around us. Communing with nature, nurturing ourselves in the environment we are so blessed to live in and then in return giving back to nature has and can bring about miraculous changes in people. Moods can be elevated, anxiety and stress can become more manageable, mindsets may become more clear and centered, self esteem and self worth are positively affected. 

Most events follow the same design however content and activities do change depending on where the event is being held. Our events are four hours long. We begin by having a 60 min yoga/body and breath awareness practice. We then have a group discussion where we discuss and share as a group a topic that is inline with the environment we are communing in. During the discussion a light refreshment will be available to the group. We then do a meditative style walk in the elements, offering service in some way. This could involve pruning flower gardens, picking fruits and vegetables, sustaining the environment and removing any unnatural debris. We also work with establishments to build or refurbishing the environment and spaces created.  We then end the meeting right back where we started, on the mat. Allowing the practice, discussions, and actions to move in to us whole heartedly with the use of sound healing techniques and meditation.



NTN Workshop @ The Rodale Institute Experimental Farm

Yoga/Farm Help

10am - 1:00pm

611 Siegfriedale Rd, Kutztown PA

This event has reached capacity


NT​N @ Nockam​ixon State Park

Yoga/Mountain Hike/Clean Up & Indigenous Plant Life

9:00am - 12:30pm

1542 Mountain View Dr. Quakertown, PA

For more info visit:


NTN Workshop @ The Rodale Institute Experimental Farm

Yoga/Farm Help

10am - 1:00pm

611 Siegfriedale Rd, Kutztown PA

To register follow the link below:


NTN Workshop @ Nockamixon State Park

Yoga/Kayaking & Water Conservation Workshop

9:00am - 12:30pm

1542 Mountain View Dr. Quakertown PA

For more info:


NTN Workshop @ The Rodale Institute Experimental Farm

Yoga/ Farm Help

10am - 1:00pm

611 Siegfriedale Rd, Kutztown PA

To register please follow the link below:


NTN Workshop @ Nockamixon State Park

Lakeside Yoga/Trail Clean Up & Lakeside Meditation

9:00am - 12:30pm

1542 Mountain View Dr. Quakertown PA

Donations Suppliers & Event Locations

Without your support this would not happen! SO THANK YOU!!!

NUMI Organic Teas

Refreshment Sponsor

NUMI Organic Teas has agreed to sponsor the refreshment portion of our events by supplying us with enough tea for 200 people!

Brad's Plant Based

Food Sponsor

Brad's Plant Based Food has agreed to sponsor the food portion of our events by supplying us with tasty raw treats for our events!

Rodale Institute Experimental Farm

333 Acre Organic Farm & Research Center

For more than sixty-years we’ve been researching the best practices of organic agriculture and sharing our findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world, advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating consumers about how going organic is the healthiest options for people and the planet.

We are very excited to be holding 3 events at Rodale and 70% of all donations received will be donated right back to the farm so that they can continue their amazing work!

Nockamixon State Park

5,286 Acre State Park - Second Home :)

The 5,286-acre Nockamixon State Park is in the rolling hills of scenic Bucks County, close enough to Philadelphia or a day trip, but far enough away for a vacation. Tohickon Creek, Three Mile Run, and Haycock Run feed the 1,450-acre Lake Nockamixon, which is a rest stop for migrating waterfowl and a destination for boaters and anglers. Visitors can stay the night in a cabin or enjoy the many activities of the park for the day. Popular activities are picnicking, swimming in the pool, hiking, biking, disc golf, hunting, fishing, and boating.

Nockamixon is where we started our adventures and we are proud to be back again this year with 3 events that will include hiking, kayaking and lakeside yoga and meditation.