"May we all model the forest and give without desire of reward, shelter without judgement, and offer peace despite the risk of destruction." 

- r.hightower

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Yoga Classes with Raquel

Weekly Class Schedule - May be subject to change

Mon - Yoga 2


LA Fitness - Pottstown PA

150 Upland Square Dr. Pottstown PA - Membership Required

Mon - Yoga 3


LA Fitness - Pottstown PA

150 Upland Square Dr. Pottstown PA - Membership Required

Tues- Yoga 2


LA Fitness - King of Prussia

200 Village Drive, King of Prussia PA - Membership Required

Tues -Yoga 3

 8:00 pm

LA Fitness - East Norriton PA

2961 Swede Rd, East Norton PA- Membership Required

Wed - Yoga 2


LA Fitness - Pottstown PA

150 Upland Square Dr. Pottstown PA - Membership Required

Wed - Yoga 3

7:00 pm

LA Fitness - Pottstown PA

150 Upland Square Dr. Pottstown PA - Membership Required

Thur - Aqua + Yoga

9:00 am

LA Fitness - Pottstown PA

150 Upland Square Dr. Pottstown PA - Membership Required

Fri - Yoga 1

8:30 am

LA Fitness - King of Prussia PA

200 Village Drive King of Prussia PA - Membership Required

About Us

Nurturing Through Nature is a online community and traveling event//workshop that partners with local parks and health oriented businesses to create awareness to how our bodies and minds are directly connected to nature. This beautiful earth supports us and nurtures us everyday, without it we would not survive. It produces the air we breath and the food that keeps us alive. But nature is so much more then that. The medicine that nature offers is uniquely powerful, it can show us more about ourselves then we could imagine, all that it requires is that we are willing to receive the lessons.

 Raquel has been practicing yoga for 16 years and is a strong believer and advocate for the power of the mind/body connection the practice of yoga brings forth in an individual. Her goal in all of the classes she teaches is to build confidence, strength and vitality in every student all while opening the heart to a more aware state of being. Yoga to her is a way of life. It is a path we choose in order to bring about balance and awareness to not only ourselves but all beings. The asana are only a part to a much larger picture to what it means to practice yoga. Each class discusses a way to walk this path.

“Living a yogic lifestyle helps me maintain balance, keeps me striving for unity and aids me in finding the many opportunities to offer myself and others service, forgiveness and compassion. ” RH

Raquel Hightower holds a 200 hour yoga teacher certification in a modern yet  traditionally rooted style of yoga, called Kula-Kamala-yoga. Raquel received her certification from the Kula Kamala Foundation Ashram in Reading PA. Raquel is still active in projects at the ashram and also works with the ashram as Head instructor for the Amanda Stout Elementary School in Reading's youth yoga program.  Kula Kamala Yoga is centered in awakening Anahata (the heart) chakra, spiritually uplifting, therapeutically oriented and has a strong focus  on alignment.Throughout her 16 years of practice she has studied many different types of yoga and yogic philosophy.  This diversity comes together to form a truly unique practice. Classes are open to all those looking for increased strength, vitality and flexibility of not only the body but the heart and mind as well. There are opportunities for everyone to go further or to stay where they choose. 

Raquel envisions a world where every individual walks this earth with a greater awareness of themselves and the world around them aiding in an even larger out pouring of love and compassion for all beings. She is the mother of two and lives in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania.

These are exciting times we live in. Technology is booming, buildings are bigger, products are more accessible then ever. But with this accessibility and higher functioning life let us not forget to take time out for peace, for service, and to appreciate the world around us. Communing with nature, nurturing ourselves in the environment we are so blessed to live in and then in return giving back to nature has and can bring about miraculous changes in people. Moods can be elevated, anxiety and stress can become more manageable, mindsets may become more clear and centered, self esteem and self worth are positively affected.

Most events follow the same design however content and activities do change depending on where the event is being held. We begin by having a 60min yoga and breath awareness practice. We then have a group discussion where we discuss and share as a group a topic that is inline with the environment we are communing in. During the discussion a light refreshment will be available to the all. For this 2017 season we are pleased to announce donations for the refreshment will be provided by Numi Organic Teas as well as Brad's Raw Foods. And we are very thankful for their generosity. We then do a meditative style walk in the elements, offering service in some way. This could involve pruning flower gardens, picking fruits and vegetables, sustaining the environment and removing any unnatural debris. We then end the meeting right back where we started, on the mat. Allowing the practice, discussions, and actions to move in to us whole heartedly with the use of sound healing techniques and meditation.

We believe that you can not put a price on nature and healing. We wish these events to be available to all and operate on a donation basis. We ask that you give as you feel, and as you have received. We hope that you will take time out of your busy lives and share some of these moments with us as they happen.

God is all and in all. Coexist.

Namaste - Raquel S. Hightower